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Text-to-Speech is the free online text to speech reader you’ve been looking for! Text-to-Speech stands out from the competition: it is a free and easy to use text reader that can read text from many different types of documents such as ebooks, pdfs but also images.

Text-to-Speech can read text from any document by using, when required, an optical character recognition (OCR) process that extracts text from documents where the text exists in the form of images. Text recognition is typically expensive, but you’re in luck. The Text-to-Speech app is a versatile and powerful text reader that is entirely free to use.You can use the app to read text out loud as many times as you want, no registration is required and there is no usage limit. And as an online app, it requires no download and installation.

  • How does the Text-to-Speech app work?

    Browsers nowadays come with powerful speech engines that allow them to provide support to visually impaired people. This technology allows browsers to read out loud text from a website’s content to people who may have difficulty reading or who just want to sit back and listen to content. This text to speech online app uses this technology to read aloud the text from the documents you select.

    When you select a document that doesn’t contain text in the digital form, such as images or certain pdfs and ebooks, it is necessary to first extract the text from the document. In order to do this, the Text-to-Speech app sends your document to its remote servers where it is processed by an optical character recognition software to extract the text from it. The text is sent back to the Text-to-Speech app which reads it out loud. For your privacy and safety, documents and the text extracted from them are encrypted when transferred over the internet, and the documents are kept on our servers only as long as needed to perform the text recognition. Feel safe to use this text to speech online app, your security and privacy are protected.

    Text recognition is supported in 81 languages, so you can have the app read text aloud in many languages (also dependent on your browser support).

    Text-to-Speech is the best free text reader that supports OCR, we hope you like it!

  • Text-to-Speech Instructions: Easy steps to have any text read out loud

    Text-to-Speech is very easy to use! Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to use the best free text to speech online app:

      Select a voice
    1. Select the voice that will be used to read your text or document. The voices available in the dropdown menu depend on the browser you’re using. The latest chrome browser version supports dozens of languages!

    2. Drop or select a document
    3. Drop or select the document to be read out loud.

    4. When you select a document in which the text is in image form (for example a.jpg or some .pdf files), first navigate to the language version of the page corresponding to the language of the text in the document. For example, if you select a document which contains text in French, first go to and then select the document. This improves the quality of the reading as the language version of the app helps the optical character recognition software understand the language used in the uploaded document.

    5. The text recognized in your document will appear in the text box and will start being read out loud automatically.

    6. Text box and play button
    7. You can also simply paste text in the box and press the play button for it to be read aloud by the text reader.

    8. You can press the stop button at any time to stop the reading.

    It’s that simple to use the Text-to-Speech app and have your documents, in virtually any format, read out loud. And as you’ve already noticed, you can also use it as a free online optical character recognition app. Enjoy!

How we handle your documents

The documents you select to convert to speech are first sent over the internet to our servers in order to be converted to text.

The text you input manually is not sent over the internet.

The documents sent to our servers are immediately deleted after the conversion has completed or failed.

HTTPS encryption is used when sending your documents and when downloading the text extracted from those documents.

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No software installation

This Text-to-Speech reader requires no software to be installed on your device.

Free to use

You can use our free Text-to-Speech online app as many times as you want without registration.

All devices supported

This Text-to-Speech reader works on any device that has a web browser including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

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